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Residential Projects

Sea-Beneath informs landowners of their responsibilities and obligations under the Heritage Conservation Act, helps them to understand and navigate the permitting and assessment process in BC as it relates to subsurface and activities like:

  • geotechnical investigations
  • residential de-construction and construction
  • domestic water and sanitation system removal and installation
  • landscaping activities such as tree removal or planting

Federal Projects

Sea-Beneath proudly collaborates with a wide array of stakeholders, including private citizens, industry partners, municipalities, regional districts, and various levels of government, including the Federal Government. These partnerships have included working with the Department of National Defence and Defence Construction Canada to support cultural resource management in CFB Esquimalt.

We are also undertaking a very exciting project with Environment and Climate Change Canada...but more on that later.

Municipal Projects

Municipal projects that we cater to usually involve the need for archaeological management, oversite and guidance related to the installation, repair, and replacement of infrastructure. Examples of such projects include drainage, sanitary, water, communications, bridges, roads, parks, and even buildings. When these municipal construction and repair projects occur within or near archaeological sites or in areas of modelled archaeological potential we work with the municipal engineers, crews, super intendents, and project managers to ensure that archaeological concerns are addressed and managed legally, efficiently, and respectfully.

Municipal workers replacing a failed culvert in a seaside location with
archaeological potential